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Our Final Four is now down to the final three!

Now, it's on to the East!  Who will move along into the Final round?  Only our I-95 listeners know for sure!  Although, we're pretty sure that someone named Kate will! Make sure that you scroll down to the bottom of this post and vote for your favorite!  Vote as often as you like, just keep refreshing the screen and splashing some cologne on at the same time!

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Our first contestant from the East is English actress Kate Beckinsale. Kate was Esquire Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2009. Sporting fabulously curly hair, Kate played the lead role in the Underworld movies. She also smoked up the screen in last year’s Total Recall flick, and you can look for her in The Trials Of Kate McCall later this year and then Eliza Graves next year. She’s 40 years old and resides in London, and probably knows Duchess of Cambridge. Kate moved into the finals in the Eastern Division by beating tennis star and blonde beach Goddess Anna Kournikova.

Our second contestant this week is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kate Upton, who is smoking hot, even when wet. Yes, the good Lord broke the mold after he made Kate Upton!  She's 21 years old and has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated numerous times, although not enough for most fans. Kate moved along into the final round of the Eastern Division by beating beloved Red Sox reporter Jenny Dell. Kate will star in the new  movie The Other Woman this spring starring Cameron Diaz. In the video below, Kate shows off her many talents.