For any dog owner who has not yet taken their beloved canine to the Bangor Dog Park, you should check it out! It's great to teach socializing skills to your dog...and to give you the chance to talk about dogs with other Mommies and Daddies! We took Pernicus on Sunday and he loved it!

This was our second trip to the dog park on Watchmaker Street. There were many more dogs this time, which made it more fun for Pernicus...and for us! Jim and I adore dogs of all sizes and so we have almost as much fun as our little guy.

Because there were more dogs, the chance for scuffles increased, and there were a couple. But they were short-lived, no one got hurt, and the owners were great about it. No anger or animosity, just an acceptance that, hey, they're DOGS. They'll do that!

Little Pernicus was joined by his cousin Remington and Remy's sister Sophie. They all had a blast! And this time, Pernicus didn't cry on the way home. He was too tired!

If you haven't gone by yet, you should check it out with your dog. It's on Watchmaker Street, off outer Essex, by the P.A.L. Center. There are two fenced in areas, one for small dogs, and one for medium to large dogs. There are a few rules that are just common sense. Enjoy! It's fun!