Way to go Clint, your 'Gran Torino' performance apparently inspired a young'un to be crotchety beyond his years.

On Saturday a 21-year-old Florida man responded to kids playing on his lawn by allegedly shooting at them with a BB gun. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Joshua O'Dell first verbally threatened his neighbors' kids for crossing onto his property, then he allegedly ran back into his home, emerged with a BB gun, and fired into the air.

He is also accused of firing at the fleeing kids, managing to hit a kindergartener named Kaylee Caudle, leaving two scratches on her belly.

When O'Dell was questioned by one of the neighbors, the suspect reportedly ordered him off his property by threatening him with a hammer.

Kaylee's mom called the cops, and they arrested O'Dell on charges of aggravated battery. He denied firing at the kids. Now he's sitting in a cell talking to an empty chair.