When, oh when will I learn and not watch these videos at work? News Director Susan Patten walked in and caught me bawling! The guys from Give Back films are at it again, giving back to their community of Salt Lake. This time around it's a $500 tip for a hotel cleaner, a young woman who could really use a break.

Kyle and friends from Give Back films have been making videos for months now of ways that they've given back to their community. So far, we've shared videos in which they've given $100 bills to the homeless, they made it possible for kids to, immediately, get the gifts they asked Santa for, and more. In an interview, Kyle talks about how he monetized his Twitter site and is using the money earned from that site to give back.

In this video, the guys leave a $500 tip for a hotel cleaner. She's had a tough time of it, showing up at the hotel to inquire about a help wanted sign. The hotel owner explains that she showed up with her folks, looking for a place to stay. She had very little money and really needed something to go right. As it turns out, the hotel maid had just quit, so the hotel owner gave her a chance. And she has turned out to be a great asset to their company.

I think one of the coolest parts of this video is the fact that they put hidden cameras in the room. So when she sees that money, that's a very personal moment. Her tears will bring you to tears, I can almost guarantee it. It certainly did me!