I have bee a DISH customer for years now and have been very happy and I have several of the few programs that I like to watch coming from WABI. Thus my happiness with both of them was challenged and lost with losing channel 5 not once but now twice and now for way too long.  I'm sorry but which one of you doesn't give a rats butt about the customer...oh yeah. that would be both of you.

Enter plan B.  Quite some time ago I hooked up my computer to the TV as my monitor and installed a wireless keyboard and mouse.  So I thought to myself last night why not just watch...in this case 'Under The Dome' via my computer on my TV and I did, and it worked fine. So much so I am toying around with getting rid of DISH and WABI and going Hulu and other internet sources for my TV.

In fact there are so many ways to watch internet TV on your TV via your computer, another example using a Google Chrome cast which goes for around $35, I am amazed they feel the luxury of just dissing us while they have their spat over money. Not for nothing but I am a little fed up with both of you.