I think in order to really live life to the fullest there has to be something you put your time, effort and yes money into. Now most of my vices aren't bad for your health, i.e. gardening, bunnies/pets. Only my moderate alcohol consumption made the list. You see even though vices can be a fun part of life, letting bad habits go unchecked can have a major effect on your wallet -- not to mention your health. For instance:

  • Cigarettes retail for about $5 to $12 a pack, depending on where you live. Researchers estimate that, for a woman, the all-inclusive cost of smoking over a lifetime is $106,000; for a man, $220,000.
  • Drinking can still take a financial toll even if it's done in moderation. Consume five drinks per week at a cost of $6 per drink and you'll rack up a $1,560 tab by the end of the year.
  • A study by researchers at George Washington University estimates that extra pounds cost the average overweight man $524 per year and the average overweight woman $432.
  • Procrastinations like not signing up for your 401K, not using a gym membership or clipping coupons you never use costs you an average of 4600.00 per year

To be sure we cover the good ones too so you can have the whole picture.

  • Average cost annually of a smart phone is $585 - 608 according to Forbes
  • Owning a dog averages out to between $580 - $875
  • Cats tot up $670 yearly
  • Wabbits will cost about $660 per year which means if Bella lives as long as my first bun did (8 Years) I'll have in about $6000. Bargain and worth every fluffy penny to me.