It's alway fun to take a ride to Schoodic Point!  Ride into Winter Harbor, past the former Navy housing to  the crossroads and then take a right by the goumet hot dog stand and Roxanne Quimby's big building which is now an information stop of some sort, and go about another mile or so and you'll see the entrance.  Slow it down, because there are people are on bike and foot, plus you don't want to miss anything!

  The serene Schoodic peninsula is part of Acadia National Park, but there is no entrance fee.  Park on the side of the road and enjoy the views of Mount Desert Island across Frenchman Bay.  Watch the rich folk sail by and the lobster fishermen bring in the day's haul.  When you get to  the tip of the peninsula, venture down onto the rocks to enjoy the pounding surf at high tide.  Don't get to close to the ocean's edge or the Park Ranger will blow his whistle, yes mother nature has swept more than one tourist off the rocks and into the water, some have never returned alive.

    Standing at Schoodic Point brings back memories, feeding a loaf of bread to the gulls when I was young (can't do that anymore, it's illegal), and of course once admiring the view with those who are  no longer with us.  Looking out to the sea gives you a  new respect for just about everything, especially on a Sunday.

  It's always a good day at Schoodic Point, better than any day at work!