Love to Laugh?  May just may be your month then, at least that’s what the folks at Google are banking on with their latest new endeavor ‘ You Tube Comedy week’.   Comedy week will be a comedy marathon from May 19-25.  Comedy is planned to hit all genres from stand up to skits.

Among those announced by Google to be featured are Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Michael Cera, Vince Vaughn and Seth Rogen.   In addition regular You Tube comedy staples to round out the mix. I.e. The Onion, Nerdiest, College Humor and Funny or Die.  You Tube is also hoping its less famous users will join in.

You Tube has planned this and several more theme weeks throughout the rest of this year hoping to grow its platform of next-generation TV to the tune of millions of dollars invested in their new idea.

According to the events executive producer  Daniel Kellison:

“A staff of 40 has been assembled to help in what he calls the "tremendously daunting" task of organizing a sizable portion of the sprawling YouTube realm.

"It's a massive undertaking," he says. "If you try to organize it all and figure it all out, you'll drown. It's not possible. We're just doing the best we can in trying to produce this."

A few missteps are inevitable, Kellison says. But the plan isn't to put on a slickly produced show, but something more lo-fi and relaxed.

"We've been able to go to all these comedians and say, 'Hey, we can do whatever we want and have fun doing it,'" says Kellison. "It's taken on this sort of comedy Woodstock type of vibe."