Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween and if your looking for a good watch with a local flair, here's the list you need! We all know the king of spook is Stephen King. Most of his books turned film are based in Maine, so yes we got a lot of his stuff (old and new) in here. However, there's some flicks that perhaps you didn't know feature the 207!

Storm of the Century - As much as I'm dreading winter and snow, this is a great creepy watch!

Casper -Looking for a great Halloween watch with the kids? Good ol' Casper the friendly ghost apparently lives in Friendship, Maine.

Pet Sematary - You may want to keep the dog or cat in the other room for this one...

Lake Placid - A movie that always reminds me to never swim in any body of water in Lincoln County.

The Mist - A newer 2007 flick derived from the mind of Stephen King!

The Uninvited - This film got mixed reviews, it's kind of a 'love it' or 'hate it' flick. I will say the South Korean version made me sleep with my night light.

Bag of Bones - This was awesome on TV! It creeped me right out! This is one of my favorite selections in the list.

IT - I saved this one for last because, clowns...