When i was a kid we sat down to dinner.  Being left-handed I got a side of the table all to myself and it was there I learned what my Dad did at the University.  What my brother's were up to. And we all found comfort in company and regular Prince spagetti Wedneddays.  Now I know times have changed. If yours is like a lot of families, evenings are hectic in your house. There's homework to supervise, shuttling kids to and from activities, and there are often errands to run for the next day.  With everything you have going on, it would be easy not to bother with family meals. But because I can assure my Mother is never wrong...

Here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Learn about your family by talking about the favorite parts of your day.
  • Your kids look forward to it since it's often the only time all of you are together and engaged on a given day.
  • Dinner time is a great opportunity for creating family stories and inside jokes. The dinner table is where many of my family's traditions originate!
  • It's a chance for the kids to contribute  by helping prepare the meal and setting the table.

And the best reason: According to The Family Dinner Project, shared meals contribute to lower rates of obesity, better performance in school, lower rates of depression and more.