Today's word of the day is "mercifully".   Mercifully is  an adjective defined as full of mercy, or expressing or showing mercy.  Yup, Major League Baseball regular season has officially ended and the Red Sox season is mercifully over.  Thankfully.  I can't take anymore.  What a mess.  Most of the big stars departed throughout the season in some sort of fried chicken turmoil, one of the most loved players supposedley left after not "giving 100%".  We all expect the manager to be fired within a matter of minutes.

Yeah  if mercifully over, and I need a laugh.

Check out today's I-95 Comedy Break.  Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman show no mercy in the midst of a variety of topics.

Step into the batter's box, spit, grab your privates and then click below.