The Maine Turnpike Authority has a big message for you regarding the new high speed E-Z Pass lanes.

Next week (April 1st) the new toll lanes in Grey will open, allowing drivers with an E-Z Pass to pay their toll at 65 miles per hour. The big message officials want you to know about the lanes, DON'T STOP!

With the high speed lanes, the risk of a serious collision are high if people stop because they realize they are in the wrong toll lane. Officials say to just keep moving on and get in touch with the turnpike authority about payment later.

The lanes are equipped to sense when a vehicle is traveling in them, how many axles it has, when it leaves and snaps a picture of every vehicle's license plate.

The pictures are immediately discarded if the vehicle pays the toll. For those who meant to pay with cash, expect a notice from the turnpike authority. A bill will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle if the person doesn't make contact with the authority first.

The lanes will most likely appear at other Maine tolls to further convenience drivers.

One more time, DON'T STOP!