On Saturday, beautiful day that is was, my boyfriend and I headed out to Leonard's Mills in Bradley to take advantage of the trail system that runs near it that he had seen before in his travels.  It is 3.7 miles of hard packed gravel and a very easy hike.  Interesting too as it navigates through an experimental University of Maine forest that has been followed sine the late 50's and still has many signs and markers.  I also found a description of the trail on Trails.com which is a subscription service if you want a more in depth info.  Here is what it will give you free.

"A hike on a self-guided nature trail through an experimental forest, starting from a restored eighteenth-century logging community. The Penobscot Experimental Forest practices ecology research, long-term forest management, and silviculture. Signs along the Nature Trail provide visitors with valuable information about forest management practices, forest types, and natural history. Leonard's Mills hosts Living History Days on the first weekend after the Fourth of July and the first weekend in October each year. Living history volunteers present an accurate representation of the lifestyles in an early American logging community. Leonard's Mills is always open to foot traffic. General location: In Bradley, across the Penobscot River from Orono in central Maine"