Last week I posted nominations for our opinion poll, "Who Is Hollywood's Sexiest Actor?" And the winner beat out his opponents by a landslide! Thanks to everyone who voted. The results were much more dramatic than I expected!

Jude Law came in dead last with absolutely no votes! His Sherlock Holmes co-star Robert Downey, Jr. did just slightly better, but not much. I expected Brad Pitt would do pretty well, but he got beat out by Matthew McConaughy.

4th place went to wrestler/actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and he was beaten in 3rd

Photo by Cool Guyz, Flickr

place by Johnny Depp, who I really thought would do better! Second place....well, that went to Jaden Smith's dad, Will.

But the winner, with nearly 76% of the votes, is Hugh Jackman! Wow! Don't get me wrong...I think Hugh is one hot hunk of man-candy! And he's an amazing actor. I absolutely fell in love with him in "Kate and Leopold." But I never expected such a dramatic result!

Thanks to everyone who voted. It was a lot of fun!