Police in Brewer want to know who made a small explosive device that caused the evacuation today of the Brewer Housing Authority offices.

All is back to normal now and no one was hurt in the incident but Brewer’s Deputy Chief Jason Moffitt says the device was discovered by a maintenance worker on another housing authority property and he brought it to the main office.

Chief Deputy Moffitt says they evacuated the Brewer Housing Authority offices as a precaution.

"Ultimately we ended up calling in Bangor's bomb squad and they contained and removed the device and it is going to be destroyed after Bangor police examine it further," states Moffitt.

Police are not commenting on the investigation leads as to who made the explosive, nor are they releasing the name of the maintenance worker who discovered it.

Deputy Chief Moffitt says the device was not large but it was definitely some type of home-made explosive.

Deputy Chief Moffitt advises anyone who discovers a suspicious item should not touch it or try to transport it to avoid any possible injury. It's best to just contact police.