A woman in Seminole County, Florida, was attacked by a bear this past Saturday night as it along with four of it's friends were rummaging through the ladies trash.

Terri Frana, who initially walked in the direction of the bears turned and ran when she saw a large bear begin to charge.  According to an article on WESH.com, Frana said,
"“I saw this large bear charging at me, so I turned and started to run, and she must have turned and stood on her hind legs and pushed me down, because I’ve got both her paw claw marks on my neck all the way down to my waist.”

Frana's husband Frank said that he actually saw his wife's head in the bears mouth and it looked like the bear was dragging her into the woods.

Somehow Frana was able to escape the bear's grasp and make her way back to her home.  Frana now has 30 staples holding her head together, she also received injuries to her leg and face.

Florida officials say that the bears in question had become accustomed to humans and knew where to find food.

A story in the Bangor Daily News reports seven bear attacks here in Maine in the past 28 years, the most recent in September of 2010 when a registered Maine guide who was hunting bear along with his dogs cornered the animal near the Seboeis River in northern Penobscot County.

Wildlife officials offer these tips when dealing with bears.

  • Keep food sources like garbage, bird and pet food secure from bears so they don't come looking for it.
  • If you encounter a bear, your reaction should be based on how the bear is behaving. A bear will react if he feels that he is being threatened.  If a bear makes noises and looks like he wants to come at you, you should act "passively" and gradually withdraw from the situation.
  • If you see a bear in the distance and he doesn't see you, you should keep out of sight and get as far away as possible.  If it does see you, then slowly move away as far as possible.
  • If a bear stands on his two hind legs it doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to attack you, he's just gathering information about you.
  • If you come across a bear up close don't panic and run!  Although, as soon as possible begin to slowly back away from the bear.  Do not run, you cannot outrun a bear.
  • If a bear aggressively attacks you, then use whatever means available to fight the bear off.  Sticks, knives, rocks, whatever is available.
  • Always avoid a mother bear and her cubs!

Bears are beautiful creatures that should be left alone in the wild.  Observe from a distance and enjoy.