With the onslaught of very cold temperatures, frozen water pipes and gelled oil in an oil tank's line have become big problems to some!  Here are a few tips from the Bangor Fire Department to keep you safe when thawing things out!

#1 - Do not use a propane torch to thaw your pipes, the Bangor Fire Department encourages you to use a hair dryer to warm up the pipes.  You can also use an electric space heater providing that you keep an eye on it and it's far away from combustibles.

#2--Use caution when using electric heat tape.  Never wrap it around itself.  Always inspect heat tape for abrasions, cuts and bare wires.  Do not cover heat tape with insulation.

#3--Sometimes if you open a faucet just a little and leave a steady drip going this will prevent freezing.  For pipes within bathroom or kitchen cabinets, just leave the cabinet doors open.

#4--In the long run, good pipe insulation is the way to go, and of course keeping your house warm.