A non-profit group called The Center for Pet Safety in Reston, Virginia feels it is right and necessary to restrain your pup in the car to keep them safe.  To the point of developing three different dog dummies, simulating the sizes and shapes of terriers and border collies then partnering with automaker Subaru. The center did tests over the summer on 11 pet safety belts in hopes of gaining approval from pet advocacy groups as well as setting national standards.

Getting dogs properly fastened is a major undertaking since the AAA motorist group reports that even a ten-pound dog will exert roughly 300 pounds of force when involved in a crash of just ten miles an hour.

As of now, it appears that only the Sleepypod's Clickit three-point safety harness made the grade of keeping Fido from launching out of his seat during a crash. Subaru says it will make this device available as an accessory to customers.

Apparently Subaru has always cared about what the dog thinks.