Hurricane season is upon us, and officials here in Maine are urging us to be ready for when Mother Nature craps her pants.

Governor Paul LePage, a self made hurricane in his own right, along with Bureau Of Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa, whom I picture sheepishly peering from his office window, want to remind us that Maine residents should be ready for possible high winds, flooding and other things that can damage a home in the event of a hurricane.

Thank god now we know, because I missed the first memo on this.

They say that Mainers should examine their homeowners insurance policy to make sure that they're rightfully covered for what's under one's roof.  I read that one should take a complete video or photograph inventory of everything, including Christmas decorations.

Ain't gonna happen.  I'll chance this.  Gonna bet against Mother Nature.

The official press release also states that you should figure out right now, before it's too late, if you need flood insurance.  Thanks guys.....boring day at the State House?

This has never crossed my mind as I watch the Union River raging by my front door.

Hurricane season will be with us until November 30th and the powers that be urge us to have several days worth of drinking water, non-perishable goods, first aid materials, batteries for a radio and insurance company information readily available.

But don't write your policy number in big red numerals across the vinyl siding just yet though.  We'll save that for the next ice storm.