Tonight’s featured artist says over the years he has drawn his inspiration from Led Zepplen, Queen, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac. And inspired he was, since embarking on his solo career world-wide he has sold over 11 million records.  Who might that be?

That would be Billy Squire. In an interview with JoyZine on-line

Interestingly enough since tonight’s song is ‘Lonely Is The Night’ during this interview Billy was asked how did with the loneliness on the road. To which he said:

“One minute I can be the center of attention at a concert, being fawned over, and be very confident and in control, in my element, then that can all change drastically with the hotel room door closing behind me at night, being there by myself and suddenly realizing that the world I just left behind is, in reality, not the end-all and be-all. And, I freely admit, there are times that that door closes and I just fall apart”

Tonight’s song Lonely Is the Night" was written and performed by Billy Squier, appeared as the sixth song on his 1981 album Don't Say No and become a rock radio hit, reaching number 28 on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1981. Here he is from a concert in August of 2008 at the Greek Theatre with Ringo Starr