Tonight's featured artist is a singer and a song writer who was inspired to one of their greatest hit by the death of John Lennon.  That artist is former and current Fleetwood Mac songstress Stevie Nicks and the song from her solo years is ‘Edge of Seventeen

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Stevie explained in her Live in Concert video…

“I wrote this song about the death of my uncle and the death of John Lennon. The line about the "Words from a poet and a voice from a choir" refers to Lennon. she continued: "I was in Australia when John Lennon was shot. Everybody was devastated. I didn't know John Lennon, but I knew Jimmy Iovine, who worked with John quite a bit in the '70s, and heard all the loving stories that Jimmy told about him. When I came back to Phoenix I started to write this song.
Right when I got to Phoenix, my uncle Bill got cancer, got very sick very fast, and died in a couple of weeks. My cousin John Nicks and I were in the room when he died. There was just John and I there. That was part of the song when I went running down the hallways looking for somebody - I thought where's my mom? Where's his wife and the rest of the family? At that point I went back to the piano and finished the song."

Speaking further in her video commentary, Nicks spoke about the "white-winged dove" and what this song means to her: To me, the white-winged dove was for John Lennon the dove of peace, and for my uncle it was the white-winged dove who lives in the saguaro cactus - that's how I found out about the white-winged dove, and it does make a sound like whooo, whooo, whooo.

Here is Stevie from a live performance in 2011 in Chicago.