Tonight’s mystery artist early in his career Rolling Stone called him a low key and untroubled guy. Think you know who that might be and if he still is the same

The article was from back in 1977 when Peter Frampton’s career had just exploded with ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ Peter told them that he didn’t really like thinking about the money, he was just glad he could pay his bills. He was 26 and had been at the music game since he was 16. So how did Peter stay low key and humble? In his words to Rolling Stone:

“I love to be a hermit. It all comes with working. When I'm off I either go to Mexico with my friends or just stay at home. I love TV. I love staying at home and not seeing a guitar for ten days… but then I love that feeling of picking it up again. The more simple my life is, the happier I am." 

He also says that because every audience gives fresh reactions to his music it never gets old playing the same music.

That said these days at 67 Peter is not quite as low key.  He was performing on stage in Minnesota when the videographer cut to a girl in the crowd holding up his album and the crowd went wild. The Daily Mail reported he felt is disrupted his song and so he walked off stage in a huff. Oops.

Truth be known there are many artists who have gotten frustrated and stalked off.  Here is Peter's moment.

At a happier time here he is with tonight’s featured song.