Tonight’s mystery artist’s made a video that almost ruined his career yet years later when parodied by another group gave his predecessors a hit. Can you guess the artist or song??

Ultimate Classic Rock tells the story of Billy Squire's hot streak in the 80’s when a 1984 video misstep with ‘Rock Me Tonight’ sent him into rock and roll hell. Reviews said the video was so bad it was comical. For everyone but Billy I guess. Still today he is estimates with a worth of 40 million dollars so don’t cry too hard for him. So who is the group that parodied the video to a more enthusiastic audience? That would be “The Squids”. The punk rockers music video for "Get Off My Cloud" which parodies Billy Squire's "Rock Me Tonight" music video. This effort propelled them to #1 in the music video category on the Emmy winning comedy website "Funny Or Die", and is the highest rated music video ever on the website which was founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay in 2007.

Tonight's featured song.

Billy's fail.

The guys who cashed in on his failure.