Tonight’s mystery artist says that by the time he gets into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he’ll be in an urn on his wife’s mantle. Think you know who has such a dim view of his chances??

I found this interesting quote from an interview done with a radio station in St. Louis and classic rocker Eddie Money. Eddie said his wife and kids would like to see him get in but he isn’t holding his breath. He went on to say although there are many artists in the Hall of Fame he admired there are just as many he admires who like him are not in the Hall, namely  REO Speedwagon, Peter Frampton, .38 Special, Styx, Survivor. He said of them:

"They’re all waiting to get in and deserve to get in just like I do. By the time I get in, I’m gonna be an urn on my wife’s fireplace!"

In April we'll be getting up close and personal with Eddie and his family in his new reality TV show 'Real Money'

Here he is with tonight's featured song.

Here are this years inductees.