Tonight’s mystery artist got their first hit by sending a demo to a Boston radio station. It soon became the stations most requested song and set them on their way to stardom. My how things have changed. Think you know who they are or the song.

All Music tells this story of a song intensely practiced in the basement of Ric Ocasek in the late 70’s. Eventually they put together a demo tape and sent it off to WBCN in Boston where The Cars – ‘Just What I Needed’ got its first airplay. It quickly became the station's most-requested song for the remainder of 1977. By year’s end the Cars would go from playing clubs to signing a contract with Elektra Records and this year as they are inducted into the Hall of Fame the story will have come full circle. The first self-titled album would go on to sell over six million copies.

And here is the song that put them on the map.