Tonight’s mystery artist known to his bandmates as “Duckhead” was also known for helping the band keep the peace when they argued.  Any guesses who Duckhead is or the band he plays with??

Duck head’s real name is Scott Thurston and he originally joined the Heartbreakers on The Great Wide Open Tour which turned into a permanent spot according to Wikipedia. Thurston played rhythm guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and sang backing vocals. And as for his buffering skills between band members Tom Petty put is like this:

“He’s a good buffer between the rest of us. When we’re fighting or have some cliqueishness, he’s good at getting in there and saying, 'Let’s look at it this way,' because Duckhead, as we call him, is neutral. He doesn’t come from Florida, wasn’t there when this or that happened.”

Tonight's featured song: