Tonight’s mystery artists got into a wrangle with the musician’s union in the states that wound up prohibiting them from play at Woodstock.  Think you know whose attitude made them miss the boat??

I found this sad tale on the site Super Duper Facts covering little know things about the Kinks. Back in 1965 the band went out on their first American tour but it was far from successful.  Between the band’s fighting among themselves, inconsistent, erratic bookings and then a riff with the U.S. Musician’s Union the whole thing just fell apart.  The upshot of the argument with the Union would result with their refusal to work with the Kinks effectively stopping them from being able to perform in American and in tandem at the historic show Woodstock. In fact the Kinks were not allowed to perform in the US again until 1969.  Needless to say this resulted in a very negative effect on their record sales in this country.

Tonight's featured song.