Tonight’s mystery artist is a drummer whose theory for drum sticks is the bigger the better.  Can you guess who our size conscious guy might be or the band he plays with??

You can really find this particular happy fact just about anywhere they are talking about Alex Van Halen. Fact is he is so fond of ginormous sticks they actually make a huge pair of drum sticks that bear his name called the ‘Alex Van Halen Regal’ and according to the site that sells them:

Almost as legendary as Alex himself, the Alex Van Halen performer series stick is coming in at 17.75", and a bit thinner than a 5B, this tree trunk is the largest stick that we offer.  Even those inconveniently placed octobans will be easy to get to.  Reach won't be an issue with this stick.  And if it is, then you're doing it wrong.

Here's Alex and the gang beating those big sticks with tonight's featured song.