I admit it, when it come to stuff that says it will make something easier to do , quicker or better looking I will usually try it and them stick it in a drawer after it disappoints me.

Well , today was a breath of fresh air.  I had to re-caulk a tub in my home and truth be know it isn't hard but I am a bit of a slob. Now I have been eying calking tools for years and when I was picking up my supplies at the local hardware store I saw the Homax caulk finisher and decided once again to give it a try.

Once home I scrapped out all the old caulk and cleaned the area well and thought here goes nothing.  And I have to tell you, wow, this thing work stupid good. Easy, neat, quick.  I know I sound like a commercial but don't I just love finding something that works.

If you have found a tool or product that performed better than you thought it would please click the comment button below and add on.  I love finding things that work:)D