The Scary Truth Of What Some Would Do For A Million Dollars

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They say a love of money is the root of all evil, and a new survey shows it can make people make ruthless decisions. You might be surprised to find out what some people would give up in order to receive $1 million:

  • One in ten men would be prepared to break up with their spouse in return for the windfall. Whereas only half as many women (one in 20) would do the same.
  • One in ten people would even be prepared to stay single for life, with men being more prepared to do this than women.
  • 11 percent of men said they would ditch their best friend to bag the cash - more than double the number of women who would do the same.
  • More than half of women would be prepared to give up chocolate forever.
  • I also found online chats where a small amount of people said they’d leave their family, kill their pet and eat poo. Wow!

Another study by Pastor R. Kent Hughes, when 10 million bucks was the price…

Hughes reports, "Twenty-five percent would abandon their families, 23 percent would become a prostitute for a week, and 7 percent would kill a stranger. Think of it. In a gathering of 100 Americans, there are seven who would consider killing you if the price was right. In 1,000 there are seventy."