Have you ever been to an ice bar for a cocktail?  Probably not, they're more or less popular overseas, in faraway places like Barcelona, Hong Kong and Paris. There is one in Orlando, but never here in Maine, until this winter!

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The Samoset Resort in Rockland will host an ice bar this month between the 18th and 27th of this month, they're calling it the "Frost Bar".  At the Portland Harbor Hotel, you can enjoy your favorite adult  beverage in the chilly temps between January 24th and 27th!

Just about everything will be made of ice, the bar, stools, tables and chairs. They'll even have beautiful ice sculptures for you to admire and the Samoset will have an ice skating rink!  The temperature may be cold, but you can cozy up to the fire and maybe partake in a drink mixed with vodka, which apparently is the liquor of choice at the more popular ice bars!

Ice bars are mostly a tourist destination, and something very special for us regular folk here in Maine.  Bundle up and take advantage of them, maybe with someone named Nanook.