It's is so funny ust the other day my best-friend and I were having lunch and were in complete agreement that chips are irresistible.  She likes her dipped in ketchup.  I on the other hane like putting them into my sandwiches. Appatently we are ont alone in our chip oddities given the winning flavors in Lay's latest campaign.


After 3.8 million idea submissions, Lay’s potato chips next big flavor has been narrowed down to three!!  Chicken and Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha!  Now, it’s up to us to decide who wins.  All three flavors will be sold at retailers nationwide starting this week.  If you are brave enough to taste them, you can vote on the Lay’s facebook page for your favorite. The winner of the “Do us a Flavor campaign” will be announced in May.

Sounds like crunchy fun but...Chicken and Waffles?? And I lead a sheltered life. I confess I had to look up what Sriracha is.  you to? Well, what I found describes Sriracha Sauce as one of the most famous hot sauces ever, aromatic and fiery-sweet taste. A traditional Thai favorite that is popular all over Southeast Asia, Sriracha Sauce is a chili-based condiment like no other.

Knowing that, Sriracha is the one that sounds most interesting to me.