Governor Paul LePage will sign a new bill that will allow bars and restaurants to sell booze three hours earlier on Sunday, providing that Sunday falls on St. Patrick's Day, as the "luck of the Irish goes", it does this year!

The measure made it through the Maine House and Senate with more than two-thirds of the vote, which means that it can take effect immediately.  See what happens when our lawmakers really put their minds to something!

Normally, alcohol sales begin at 9AM, this Sunday will see sales begin at 6AM.

Yup, this bill was either real important or not important enough to exert any real thought to it. But, for the fine establishments serving up the Guiness and other Irish favs this Sunday morning, and the customers that really enjoy taking part in the holiday bright and early, it's top of mind.

So get ready boys and girls, belly up to the bar, kiss the Blarney Stone and then praise the Lord!