I think we are all a little wary of how much of our information, good and bad, exists in cyber-space. I confess I have Googled myself to see what was there and was somewhat alarmed. Add to that in my e-mail account I get a myriad of crap that I have no idea how they even came to know that I exist. I can be really frustrating.Which is the conversation I was having with my friend who, as it turns out, is married to the guy who teaches a course on guarding your privacy for the senior college here in town. Needless to say I was intrigued and when she gave me some of his links that I found easy to understand to help with the process I thought you might like to have them too.

  1. Firefox has an add on the allows you to block ads while you are surfing the web.
  2. DuckDuckGo.com is a search engine that does not track your browsing.
  3. Disconnect.me  Disconnect lets you see & block invisible websites that track you
  4. Direct Marketing Association has a link that lets you opt in or out of junk e-mail and get off national e-mail lists

My favorite on his page of recommendations is: "Remember, If a service is free then the product is you"