When I was young, there was a popular TV show about a police Captain who was confined to a wheelchair. It was revolutionary because never before had such a strong character been portrayed as having a disability. Raymond Burr was good in that show. But the new version of "Ironside" doesn't look like the old one!

Raymond Burr was a wonderful actor. But, let's face it, no one was calling him a sex symbol. In the new series, however, Robert Ironside is played by the very attractive Blair Underwood!

The newest version, obviously, is grittier than the show that debuted in 1967. And the language is considerably stronger than in the original. But the premise remains the same. It's still about a very tough cop who doesn't lose any of his strength despite losing the use of his legs.

This baby boomer is very excited to see the newest version of "Ironside." And it's not because of its very delicious star!  Well....that's not the ONLY reason!