This season, jellyfish are becoming more noticeable in our state, especially in southern Maine.

Authorities and researchers have been answering many more calls than usual concerning jellyfish washing up onshore at some of the more popular beaches.  Calls from mothers worried that the fish will sting their children or from folks worried about global warming.

Plain and simply, at this point researches don't have an answer.  Although they did take notice of more Jellyfish than usual back in June when the waters off our coast began to warm.

Dr. Andrew Pershing of the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute says that the small clear jellyfish that you may see "aren't powerful enough to sting."  He also said that the larger purple and pink jellyfish can sting, but that the "sting is weaker than a bee sting."

Bottom line?  Keep an eye out while you're swimming in the ocean.