You may have seen information about a unique survey show up in your mailbox this week.  You may have encountered someone knocking on your door asking you to take a short survey. John Linnehan Jr., an Ellsworth resident and the Director of the Acadia Christian School and the Good News Fellowship on the Bar Harbor Road in Trenton wants to know if you think that you'll end up in Heaven.  He plans on surveying all 31,000k households in Hancock County by Christmas Eve.

Recently, Linnehan claimed that Hancock, Washington and Waldo Counties are the "least churched" areas of the country. In an article in the Bangor Daily News he said, “My intent is to tell people how they can know for sure they will go to heaven.  Then, when I know they are going to go to heaven, if they choose to affiliate with a church that’s fine. I’m not about building church membership. I’m about seeing people know for sure that when they die physically on this earth their spirit and soul can leave their bodies and go to live in heaven for all eternity.”

The card that showed in my mailbox asks one to go to to take the survey.  Taking the survey enters one into a $1000 cash drawing on Christmas Eve.  You must be present at the Good News Fellowship that night in order to claim your prize.

Among other questions, the survey asks, "do you KNOW 100% FOR SURE that your Spirit and Soul will go to Heaven"?  He then suggests that if you answered either yes or no to the question to please be his guest at any Sunday morning Good News Fellowship so that he can personally talk to you.