Planning to take an end of the summer trip over Labor Day weekend?  Well then, try to do better knuckling down at work will ya... because recent Harris Poll Survey done for Red bull shows you are going drift a little in your focus and workplace productivity.

The new survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Red Bull North America showed 48 percent of U.S. employees ages 25-49 admit that their productivity at work diminishes just before, or immediately following a holiday or a planned vacation. I have always referred to this as "vacation brain"

And whether we are more guilty or not,  women are more willing to admit to a decline of productivity than men are to the tune of 47 vs 40 percent.  Fess up guys you’ll feel better.

But have no fear Mr. Employer this isn’t an isolated incident. One-in-five U.S. employees age 25-49 confess they begin to feel their productivity start to diminish in the first hour of their workday.  Eleven percent of employees feel their productivity diminishes within the first three hours of their workday. And drum roll please…Fifty-seven percent of U.S. workers claim their productivity diminishes four to eight hours into their day.

So what can bosses do?  How about some defined goals. 10 percent of workers ages 25-49 say being confused about what to do at work represents their single greatest challenge to productivity.

The Harris Interactive survey was conducted online from June 7-11, 2013, and involved 2,046 adults ages 18 and older, among whom 1,093 are employed