I know a lot of people who hunt but I never really thought about the fact that you then have to cook the whatever it was to killed. I mean think about this, they've tromped through the woods for hours, fought off bugs and boredom looking, heck they even peed on a tree (O.K., that part they liked) but my point is after all that work wouldn't it be good if the meal was worth the time an effort. So leave it to the Maine Game Wardens to put out a handy dandy recipe book to show you how to make the next part happen.

Just in time for the fall hunting season, if you have a hunter in the family or maybe you are the one charged with the culinary experience and, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has reprinted the popular cookbook ‘The Maine Way’ – a collection of Maine Fish and Game Recipes.

This particular little gem has been unavailable for a little while now but by popular demand  it has been made available again. 'The Maine Way' cookbook was updated by the original authors, and now includes moose recipes. Venison, rabbit, bear, birds, fish, muskrat, beaver and even bobcat are included. Oooh yummy I'm sure just don't tell my bunny Bella I said so.

The cookbook was originally authored in 1978 by Judy Marsh and Carole Dyer, wives of game wardens John Marsh and Russ Dyer, and illustrated by game warden John Ford. The cookbook features dozens of game recipes for big and small game, upland birds and waterfowl, fish and ‘other aquatic delicacies’ that were collected from Maine folks statewide. New to this edition are moose recipes, which were once again collected by Judy and Carole, and added to this edition of the book (moose hunting was not legal at the time of the original publication).

'The Maine Way' fish and game cookbook is available via the MDIFW Online Store and in the lobby of the Augusta MDIFW headquarters building, at the Maine Wildlife Park Nature Store in Gray.  At just $9.95, it makes a great gift for home or camp!