Here is just one more example of how being too attached to your cell phone can get you into trouble.

The two baseball fans may not be a couple anymore. The apparent bust-up was sparked by the "Kiss Cam" at Chukchansi Park, the home to the minor league team the Fresno Grizzlies. During Friday night's game against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, the Jumbotron's operator cut to the young woman and her man, who was too busy chatting on his cellphone to pucker up. After he waved off her advances -- oblivious to the fact that scores of fans were now watching -- the camera cut away to other couples who were more than happy to show affection.

However, each time the Kiss Cam cut back to the first couple, the chatty guy paid more attention to his call than his girl, and remained unaware that the crowd was beginning to turn on him -- until his date had had enough.

While still on the giant screen, the miffed woman stands up, dumps a giant soda on her less-than-attentive mate, and storms off, earning cheers from the crowd, and a high-five from Parker, the Grizzlies' mascot.