New study repeats what we already know…most men are bored with shopping after 26 minutes and women can go for hours.

I have always read that when it comes to shopping for women the successful feeling is brought by find the perfect item or the best price, while men want to go in and make the kill.

Andy Oldham of, which commissioned the research, said: 'Shopping is generally thought to be a woman's hobby and something men are just subjected to.

'These results certainly seem to back that up, with men getting fed-up of the spending spree pretty much as soon as they get there.

'If men buy whatever they were looking for in one of the first shops they went into, it's going to get pretty tiresome going from shop-to-shop with their other half - especially if they are having to follow them into the same store several times.

'But it seems women also have their limit when they are in a busy shopping center, just for completely different reasons - more down to being frustrated at not being able to find what they were looking for or leaving empty-handed.
Top ten contributing factors to a man’s shopping boredom:

  1. If my partner is taking ages to make a decision or find what they want
  2. When I've bought what I needed in the first shop and they are still looking
  3. When I'm hungry/thirsty
  4. When my partner drags me into the same shop several times
  5. It's too busy in the store/shopping center
  6. When they keep asking for my opinion on things which look identical to me
  7. When it's hot in the shops/shopping center
  8. When the weather is nice and I'm stuck in shops
  9. When I'm missing something on TV/ a sports match
  10. When the weather is cold/wet