Fishing this weekend? Maine Game Wardens have a warning for anglers.

Recent catches of Atlantic salmon in the Kenduskeag Stream are prompting warnings from Maine Game Wardens. The message: Keep the salmon in the stream. With about 400 pre-spawn adult Atlantic salmon swimming through the stream, chances are you'll hook one. If you haven't opened a Maine fishing regulations book lately you might want to.

Under an S-33 code in the law book, Atlantic salmon fishing is not allowed in Maine. If you catch one, you're supposed to release the fish immediately, alive and uninjured.

Wardens are also seeing people posting photos with caught salmon on social media. Not a wise idea! In an effort to keep them from being over handled, Atlantic salmon are not to be removed from the water. Consider that before you snap a salmon selfie.

The Kenduskeag Stream was stocked with Atlantic salmon last fall. Up to 1,500 post-spawn adults were stocked in the Penobscot River, some who make their way into the stream.

Experts have been working to supplement and conserve Atlantic salmon populations in the Penobscot River and its tributaries for more than 100 years.