State Rep. Diane Russell, D-Portland, will formally introduce legislation to legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana here in Maine with a press conference on Thursday at 12 noon at the Welcome Center in the State Capitol Building in Augusta.

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“When it comes to keeping marijuana away from teens, keeping marijuana in an unregulated underground market is the worst possible policy,” said Russell in a statement. “Instead, marijuana should be sold by legitimate, taxpaying businesses in a tightly regulated market.”

Synthetic marijuana has arrived in Maine, it's called "Spice" by its users, and it's very dangerous.  It's for sale to people 18 and older, and on the packages label is says "Not For Human Consumption".  But users are consuming it, and the horrible results are comparable to using bath salts.  It's very easy to find in the area, and it ain't good.

This past election day, Colorado and Washington states were the first to legalize the real stuff.  According to a new national poll, 58 percent of Americans support legalization while 39 percent say it should remain illegal.  Take our poll!

The aim of Russell's bill is to regulate marijuana the same way that alcohol is regulated here in Maine.

Recently Diane Russell and Kennebec County Sheriff Randy Liberty discussed the legalization of pot here in Maine on MPBN, see video below.