Back on December 7th, The Pines Restaurant and Bar hosted a total nude strip show, and now the town of Milbridge will reluctantly talk about adding a nudity ordinance.

160 people, 21 and older, at $10 a head watched total nude performers behind locked doors and windows that were covered over.  The owner said that he held the show due to public demand.  After the performance, the owner said that there would be no more strip shows.

Word got around to the town's selectmen, who in the long run have decided to review other nudity ordinances from nearby towns and cities, specifically Ellsworth and Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor's nudity ordinance prohibits both male and female strippers from exposing their genitals, pubic hair, buttocks and most of the female breast.  Fines in Bar Harbor start at $500 per episode.  In Ellsworth, it's pretty much the same, except the fine is twice as much and includes jail time.

With The Pines Restaurant having no plans to ever hold a strip show again, and really no other place in town that one could be shown, selectmen are reluctant to put forth the effort.  One town selectman said that he hadn't given it a moments thought as to whether a public nudity ordinance is necessary, he was hoping to let sleeping dogs lie.