has listed what they believe to be the Sexiest States in the Nation, and Maine is not looking so attractive.  One would have to wonder why?

The folks at Buzzfeed say that they ranked the states by how often people have sex (practical sexiness), and how sexy they are (superficial sexiness).

For superficial sexiness they gathered stats on looks.  Scouring the net to find out where people like the Miss America contestants came from, where Playboy Playmates, People's Sexiest Men Alive and Most Beautiful grew up.  They looked up household income, education levels and unemployment and obesity rates.

For practical sexiness they looked up birth rate, STD rate and penis size (hmmm, when did that measurement take place, did I miss that box on my state tax form)?  They said that they really wanted condom sales but that information was not at the state level to be obtained. Shucks.

Hawaii is the sexiest state by their standards.  Buzzfeed  says, "They have the second-lowest obesity rate in America. Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been featured on multiple most beautiful people’s lists. Well, someone else that was born in Honolulu is..

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Maybe they should have taken that into consideration.

Hawaii is followed up by New York, California, Virginia and Illinois.

Maine came in at #48.  Damn, we're ugly.


Buzzfeed says, "Maine ranks in the bottom 10 for each of our practical sexiness categories. Author Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine.

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Maine is followed up by some supposedly butt ugly states, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Buzzfeed says that after viewing the ranking of the state that you live in you will either have a good reason to move or to take a vacation. After viewing Maine's ranking and living here in Vacationland, now I'm really confused.

Guess I'll stay here, and not look in the mirror.