Deer hunting season started this week and hunters are already stopping by tagging stations to register their trophies. Governor Paul LePage hopes Maine's hunters will keep a very special program in mind this year, to help share the wealth with the state's food insecure. The Maine Hunters for the Hungry program pairs up donated meat with those in need.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, along with the Department of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry, and the State Police all work together to make the Hunters for the Hungry program a success. Donations of deer, moose, and bear, along with road kill (provided the meat is not damaged) are all accepted.

Those donations are then divided up between food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters,and households with a medical need. What is a treat for you could be a feast for someone who's living on hot dogs and canned goods.

As deer season starts up, many Mainers are still storing some of last year's kill in their freezer. So this year, consider giving some of your fresh meat to benefit a great cause. For more information, log onto the Hunters for the Hungry Facebook page, or call 1-888-4DEERME (1-888-433-3763).