Apparently no one ever told this guy that when it comes to a stripper, "just one dollar will get you as much as five!"

Jeffrey Burnham, 41, of Arundel will appear in U.S. District Court in Portland this Thursday to face a charge of "theft by a bank officer."

Federal authorities are accusing Burnham who was an executive for TD Bank here in Maine of racking up almost $220,000 on a corporate credit card.  Where apparently did Mr. Burnham spend all this money?  At adult strip clubs.

TD Bank's slogan is "America's Most Convenient Bank", but I'm sure that the advertising folks who came up with that didn't have Mr. Burnham's sexual desires in mind.

Burnham, who was once a vice president and mortgage sales manager in the Falmouth branch used the card 72 times at clubs from Maine to Florida.  He's accused of spending $10,000 at just one club alone in Boston.

Burnham told the Feds that the expenses were for "business related purposes."