The director of the Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations wants to cut liquor prices to improve sales. YES!!

Here's the deal. Maine businesses that sell hard alcohol could be missing out on as much as $30 million a year in sales! Yikes! That's how much booze is being consumed in the state, but is being purchased out of state. New Hampshire is capturing most of those out of state sales.

The game plan is a no brainer. Lower the price and people will keep their purchase on our side of the border. Gerry Reid, the director of the MBABLO wants to cut prices as much as $4 a bottle for the most popular brands of booze. He says this could gain the state back 100,000 cases of liquor. That also means the state will get to collect tax on those bottles.

Of course this is simply an idea at this point but hopefully the state will make a decision soon. Maine is one of 18 states in the country that control the price and importation of hard booze.