According to, Maine has one of the the more pleasant accents in the US. That's wicked cool!

List maker website Thrillist has ranked the top 20 American accents from "The most pleasant to the most vomit-inducing". Mainer was not the most pleasant accent over all but it did rank as one of the less "vomit-inducing".

Mainer was ranked No. 6 of 20. Thrillist says:

It still sounds like these people are fresh off the boat -- the lobstah boat. You barely speak American English, but fahk it, we’ll let it slide because you should be part of Canada anyway, ayuh!

While this is all very flattering, I feel like someone should let the author of this article know there is more than one accent in Maine, it depends where you are in the state! The example they gave was Jud Crandall in 'Pet Cemetery' the movie, as seen below. I think a better example would have been someone like comedian Tim Sample.

It was kind of shocking to see what which accent was the most pleasant according to this list. Even though it often requires subtitles, Cajun was named the most pleasant accent in America! Their best example was Shelby the 'Swamp Man'.

The most "vomit-inducing" accent in America is no surprise to me, I agree! New Jerseyan is the dialect that turns most American's stomach. MTV's 'Jersey Shore' is a perfect example.