After receiving thousands of votes from people who really don't have much to do, we have our winner!

According to our listeners, along with a group of ladies from the Red Hat Society of Peoria, Illinois who are staying in Bar Harbor this week, and also our intern Emily, Maine's Studliest TV Newsman is ... Clay Gordon of WVII-TV!

Hunky Clay anchors the morning news on Channel 7 and Fox 22 here in Bangor. He's a big time hockey fan and a part-time firefighter for the town of Holden.

With his victory, Clay joins Carolyn Callahan of WABI-TV who won the title of Maine's "Favorite" TV Newswoman last week.

Now, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that we adjusted the final results of our poll because we are physically afraid of Clay. Although we did have visions of those days in middle school when we were "pantsed" in the hallway in front of the best looking girl in school, then crammed and locked in a school locker for hours.

Anyway, congratulations to Clay Gordon, who'll be smiling even prettier tomorrow morning during the TV news! Here's a video of Clay in a corn field: